Developmental Editing

This is where we look at the big picture, chapter-to-chapter, scene-to-scene.  I won't give you advice on grammar or sentence structure. I'm not your guy for that, trust me. So, why do writers need a developmental edit? They don't. If you belong to a wonderful community of talented writers who are constantly bouncing ideas off of one another, keep doing that. But if you are just starting out or don’t belong to such a community, you will likely benefit from my ground-breaking service. Kidding, of course. Nothing about my process is ground-breaking. It’s simple. All writers feel uncertain at all times. It’s a bad feeling. What I’ll provide you with is a fresh point of view. I’ll help you tighten up your story so that it is more focused and entertaining. There will be no meandering. The story will drive forward and the reader will stay up late into the night and later refer to your novel as a page-turner. I’m not going to tell you about how professional I am, how much knowledge I have on the industry, or how using five simple marketing techniques will earn you $4,263.00 per month. I’m just eager to work with you. That’s the key. Once you’ve received your ten-page analysis and you're ready to tell me which critiques you disagree with, the process can truly begin. My service continues as long as you want it to continue. Email after email, let’s discuss. This is where a lot of the value will shine through.


Remember, it’s subjective. It’s art. William Goldman said it best, “Nobody knows anything.” Are you looking for validation? Sure, I’ll give you a little of that. But the rest you can get from your mom or whoever thinks you're perfect.


Now then, something tangible…


Using MS Word’s track changes feature, I will highlight and make suggestions for developing all of the areas listed on the previous page. All five categories will be summarized in my ten-page report. Examples of highlighted areas:

·         Parts that do not advance the story in any way

·         Suggestions for strengthening characters’ goals, stakes, and motivations

·         Stilted dialogue

·         Showing where conflicts can be deepened to increase the stakes and consequences for characters

·         Ways to further develop settings to make the reading experience more immersive

·         Suggestions for strengthening the premise and themes for greater impact and to increase reader engagement

·         Advice on ways to increase tension through pacing and structural rearrangement

·         Pinpointing narrative weaknesses or digressions that water down or take focus away from the plot

Genres I accept: Mystery, thriller, drama, crime, action-adventure


Need a quote? You do the math. $299.00 covers word count up to 70,000. Rate beyond that is $0.006 per word. Email me if you have questions or are ready to get started. I’m excited to work with you.